Thursday, June 16, 2016

Shane Krauser: Does the Rule of Law Matter?

Shane Krauser appeared on the Blaze and discussed the importance of the rule of law and what the consequences are if it is disregarded. Check this out!

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Battle Rages for the Hearts & Minds of the Next Generation

What is the most important battle going on in America and the world? As an intense as it might be, many might conclude that the political battle reigns supreme. While tempers rage in the political arena, the cultural battle is quietly taking place. It’s always been this way. When all is said and done, politics is just a reflection of the outcome of the cultural battle.

Change the the hearts and minds of the people first and changes within government will follow. It will not happen the other way around. This video captures a few of my thoughts. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Four Greatest Problems in America

I recently brought Rob Robson into the studio to join me on my show, Liberty Storm with Shane Krauser. We talked about some of the most serious issues of our day. Rob is a Policy Council Member of Life Leadership and a serial entrepreneur. This show will blow you away as we hit on the following issues:
1. Money Matrix: What is it that the elites do to control the money supply and why?
2. Media Matrix: Those who control the money control the narrative. What is the method to their madness?
3. Mandatory Education: Government runs our education system. What does that mean for a society that wishes to call itself free?
4. Military Matrix: If you are in control of the money, you need to control the means of force. What does that mean today?